Podcast: The Internet of Things is Coming - In Conversation with ecobee VP of Product, Casey McKinnon

In this installment of the CMA Digital Marketing Council's podcast, council member Andrew Lane sits down with ecobee's VP of Product, Casey McKinnon to learn about the fast-growing Toronto startup and discuss the emerging world of the Internet of Things and its potential to impact brands and marketers.

Special thanks to Mike Jacobs and his team at The New Business for audio recording and mixing for this episode.


Run of Show

00:43 - The ecobee product and corporate story

01:44 - The consumer benefits of an internet-connected thermostat

04:20 - The power of the data driving internet-connected consumer products

06:43 - Considerations for leveraging and actioning "big" consumer data

09:04 - The promise of the future of voice interfaces

13:37 - The coming battle to own eCommerce in an internet-connected home

16:57 - Considerations for paid search and commerce in a voice-dominated world

20:30 - Building an IoT product roadmap with marketers and consumers in mind

22:58 - Data privacy and consumer value in an IoT world

25:33 - The personal and societal benefits of an internet-connected thermostat

Tags: internet of things, iot, digital, ecommerce, ecobee, data, privacy