About Us

Marketing is a strategic driver of business success and the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) can help you grow your business, increase your team’s marketing knowledge and safeguard your industry marketplace.more

1. Largest Membership

    • CMA’s hundreds of corporate Members represent 30+ sectors, which makes CMA the largest, most diverse and valuable B2B business development exchange in Canada

2. Top Satisfaction Scores

3. Most Marketing Events & Education Offerings

4. Top-Ranked Marketing Event in Canada

5. Highest Engagement & Attendance

    • CMA is the leading industry marketing educator with 6,000 attendees joining CMA’s events and educational programming annually, more than any other marketing association or property in the country

6. Leading Industry Advocate

7. Trusted Insights & Intel

    • Based on a recent Usage & Attitude study, Members and non-Members said that CMA content is insightful, helpful in business case development and trustworthy

8. Most Connected on Social Media

    • CMA has the most social media followers of any other marketing industry group in Canada with 41,000 on LinkedIn, 17,000 on Twitter and 4,000 on Facebook

9. Most Sought-After Volunteer Opportunities

10. Conference Speaking Opportunities

    • With CMA’s conference renewal strategy, with up to 20 available speaking spots, at least 50% of applicants are unable to be accommodated due to popular demand and a high-quality lineup


CMA is committed to the continued evolution of our products and services for you, our Members. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please email marketing@the-cma.org as we’d love to hear from you!